Que onda raza Welcome to my website where Angel Lucero (me) shares some of the hobbies, experiences, likes and whatnot, especially if you’re interested in motorcycles, EDC gear, bicycle riding, knives, travel and more.

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From an young age, I’ve been drawn to anything that moves fast, everything with an engine really. Each device produces a different experience but for me motorcycle has been the best. A stupid acceleration without a safety net pumps adrenaline through your veins faster than anything, it gives you this feeling of freedom, a sense of rebellion, a middle finger to conformity and a spit in the face to gas prices. Suit up, swing a leg over the saddle and twist that throttle into the horizon

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Welcome to my space where the shutter click is our heartbeat and the aperture our eyes. Where we embrace the chaos of the streets, the tranquility of landscapes, and the raw emotion of shooting stills. We’re not only snapping photos; we’re storytellers, artist seeking that perfect frame. So grab your gear, step outside as every moment, every location can be your next masterpiece


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